Agriculture et Certifications

Biological Agriculture is a respectful farming method of the Environment.

The base of Biological Agriculture is the organic manure: To nourish the ground as well as possible by taking of account the billion micro-organisms living in the ground.

For that, we bring perforated organic matter, green manures containing gramminées, of leguminous plants and of crucifères and we girobroyons the vine shoots.

In Spring, we plow the vines with a plough provided with interceps. From May to July, we pass 2 to 3 times a actisol to eliminate nondesirable grass. The only pesticides which we use are copper salts and sulphur.

The grape harvest takes place at the end of September for the Type of vine Muscatel and at the beginning of October for Type of vine PALE. The grape harvest is made manually. The grapes are gathered delicately and sorted before being versed in cases pallox.

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