Vinification et Chartes

Wine making of the Ancestral Dioise Method "TRADITION":
- It is with this method that we vinify the juices of Muscatel to obtain our "TRADITION". As soon as the juice of Muscatel runs press, it is pumped in tanks stainless, in cold room, at a temperature of lO°C.

- alcoholic fermentation starts only fifteen days at three weeks later, thus allowing the flavours Muscatel as well as possible to refine themselves and to exhale themselves in must.

- This fermentation continues slowly until January following harvest.
- must semi-is fermented. It still has grape sugar in considerable quantity. It is then filtered coarsely on Kiesselghur ground then bottled, without sugar yeast addition nor.

- continuous alcoholic fermentation in bottles capsuled thanks to indigenous yeasts of the soil present in must and stops naturally, a few months later, when the pressure in the bottles reaches the 5 to 7 bars.

- We have thus a catch of entirely natural foam giving a soft effervescent wine naturally, of a large smoothness of bubbles, with the incomparable and delicate flavours muscatel.

Wine making of Traditional Method "CREMANT OF DIE":
- After the cueiIlette, the whole grape of the Clairette type of vine is directly versed in our pneumatic press.

- 150 Kilogrammes of grapes will give only one hectolitre of must. These first juices are vinified out of tanks stainless at the temperatures of the chaix, (approximately 15°C).

- In January following harvest, pulling is done in bottles to obtain the catch of foam according to the Traditional Method, after adjontion of a iquor of pulling.

- 9 months minimum of catch of foam will be necessary to obtain approval. We have then the Controlled Label of origin CREMANT of DIE, for this CRUDE.

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