Nature & Progress:

Official certification (logo A. B.) guarantee production of grapes according to principles' of Biological Agriculture. the Natural mention & Progrès ensure in more control of the rules of wine making on the basis of specific schedule of conditions

Objective of the Natural schedule of conditions & Progress: To answer the double concern to produce wine the healthiest possible while remaining respectful environment

Some points of the Natural schedule of conditions & Progress:
-- sulphur >Apports very regulated:

Authorized maximum quantities: 70 mg/I for the wines red, 90 mg/l for the white and rosy

(More than 50 % lower than the standard (respectively of 160 mg/l and 210 mg/l))

--> List of products usable very restrictive: clay, egg whites, lactic casein.
Prohibition of use of gelatine, vitamins of synthesis, all dyes, potassium ferrocyanide, grape sugar not bio...

--> Obligation of recycling of the solutions of descaling

--> Hygiene of the cellar: Draconian limitation of the chlorinated products, with obligation in the long term to replace the totality of the products of cleaning by only hot water or the steam (limitation of environmental pollution and the risks of residues in the wine)

--> Stoppers out of prohibited agglomerated cork
(prevention of the risks of migration of the adhesive in the wine)....

Attribution of the Natural mention & Progress after control by an independent organization.

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